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Copper Luxe Porcelain Necklace with Copper Lustre, Semi-Circle (4 patterns)


Strong, graphic, and very definitely eye-catching, the Copper Luxe Necklace is confident and assured, and makes a stunning addition to any outfit. With warm, radiant copper lustre which contrasts with the matte Parian porcelain base, the Copper Luxe Necklace is a fearless, yet refined, statement piece of jewellery. From start to finish, every piece is handmade and individually illustrated, meaning no two pieces will ever be exactly the same, then polished by hand to create objects with a silky smooth finish which are a joy to hold and interact with. Each piece is imperfectly unique, with subtle differences worth celebrating.

Strung on an adjustable waxed cotton cord, this necklace works hard for you, changing with your outfit and mood to suit your lifestyle - wear it long sitting just below the chest, or slide the knots to shorten it up towards the collarbone.

Hand-cut from sheets of Parian porcelain clay, the Copper Luxe Necklace contrasts areas of glazed pattern with a matte, unglazed base to celebrate the material qualities of the clay, which is marble-smooth and delicately translucent. The creamy texture of Parian porcelain helps to create meaningful, mindful moments throughout your day, while the hand-drawn patterns are a reminder that your imperfections are what make you unique.

Urban Market Trader: Steph Liddle

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Additional Info

Material: Parian porcelain, copper lustre, vegan waxed cotton cord
Finish: Matte with copper lustre pattern
Size: 6.5cm x 3.5cm, adjustable length