Handmade chocolates

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Fusing artisan Scottish produce with some of the world’s finest chocolate, Stacy Hannah manufactures each confection by hand, creating a unique tapestry of colours, forms and flavours.

Passionate about quality ingredients, Stacy pairs fresh, pure and natural flavours with inventive ideas to produce mouth-watering chocolates.

Combining creativity with a curious palate, Stacy continuously develops new delicious creations. Each one guaranteed to be fresh, full of flavour, and made with love.

Stacy's signature collection consists of a unique selection of milk and dark chocolates and her creative flavours are ever changing and developing. All chocolates are handmade using fresh ingredients ensuring the purest of flavours.

Urban Market Trader: Stacy Hannah Chocolates

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Due to the artisan nature of our product, availability will vary from week to week. Let us surprise and delight you with a specially hand-picked selection.*

We recommend you enjoy them within 2 weeks of purchase when they are at their very best.

*If you do have any special dietary requirements please let us know when purchasing.