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Large KaleidoBox


If you know someone who would love a gift with a positive social impact this Christmas, the Large KaleidoBox would be perfect. Our KaleidoBoxes not only give back to many social causes but they also tell the stories of social change in an exciting and colourful way. The Large KaleidoBox is filled with high-quality products and is the perfect opportunity to try lots of different socially-conscious brands and learn about their impact. It will have around eleven beautiful products. We keep the specific brands and products a secret so we can surprise you with them. You can expect:

  1. A chocolate bar which contributes to reforestation projects and uses innovative packaging to reduce waste

  2. A packet of shortbread biscuits made entirely from renewable energy

  3. A handmade candle that supports and empowers impoverished communities

  4. A chocolate bar that empowers local cocoa farmers by giving them company ownership and a fair deal for their cocoa

  5. Biodegradable tea bags that contribute to improving the educational infrastructure in tea growing regions

  6. A beautifully packaged soap designed by a collective of artists living with epilepsy and learning disabilities

  7. Superfood energy bar empowers female farmers in Ghana

  8. A reusable bag that tackles social issues such as human trafficking

  9. Coffee that has given back over £6 million to coffee farmers

  10. Surprise: Made using wonky fruits and vegetables

  11. Surprise: For you to share the product and social story with a loved one

Urban Market Trader: Social Stories Club

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Additional Info

After purchasing the KaleidoBox(es), you can collect them at the market for free or have them sent out by post for an extra £1 per KaleidoBox. Should you wish to order multiple KaleidoBoxes, we would be happy sending them out to different addresses across the UK without any special fee.

Earliest Dispatch Date: 12th December 2018

Market Collection Date: 16th December 2018


  1. The contents of the Large KaleidoBox are subject to change, however, this is unlikely.

  2. We are offering the option of ‘Market Collection’ for orders placed before the 16th of December 2018.

  3. For 2018, the last order date is the 20th of December 2018. To make sure you have your KaleidoBox for Christmas, please place your order by the 12th of December 2018.