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Size 40ml

  • St John’s Wort £7 (Our organically sourced St John's wort (hypericum) ointment is the perfect solution for the treatment of sunburn, cold sore and skin rashes. Mixed with natural beeswax, a little bit goes a long way, and your skin will recover in no time thanks to St John's wort naturally healing properties.)

  • Neem & Tea Tree £8 (Our handmade neem and tea tree ointment is perfect for the treatment of mycosis, skin infections and insect bites. Apply a little bit on the infected area and you will immediately see the difference. :))

  • Calendula £5.50 (Our calendula ointment is an amazing elixir for cracked skin, eritema, dermatitis and period pain. With its delicate, 100% organic formula created in our Sicilian labs, it is also perfect for nappy rash.)

  • Sesame, Clay & Lemon £7 (Perfect for greasy and blemished skins, our sesame, clay & lemon face cream cleanses and purifies your skin by eliminating toxins, and at the same time it moisturises it without leaving it feeling greasy. A great product if you want to get rid of unsightly oily patches on your skin or if you just fancy a little pampering treat!)

Urban Market Trader: Magia Verde Sicily

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