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Olive Chopping Board - Various Designs


Exquisite Serving Board made of Sustainably cut olive wood from British woods.

The board is hand crafted, finished with a choice of pyrographed designs:
* Stilton Cheese
* Sage Plant
* Peach
* Onion
* Sliced Pepper
* Pine Tree
* Rosemary
* Garlic
* Carrots Bouquet
* Cheddar Cheese

The board  improves by age, is easy to maintain and clean.

These pieces are made to order and will take up to 7 working days to be executed and completed. Please allow us 2 to 3  extra days for the order to arrive depending on the shipping schedules.

If you wish to get a bespoke decoration, we will be happy to accommodate your request. Please send us an email with your request and an image of what you wish to transfer on the board.

Every chopping board comes with slight variations in wood colour and grain as uniquely cut and one of a kind.

L 20cm x W 14cm x D 1.75cm

Urban Market Trader: Federica Designs

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