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Staple Long Vase, Hand-Drawn (Grid or Dash)


With a bold band of bright yellow around the base, the Long Vase makes a big statement. Perfect as a stand out piece for a mantlepiece, sideboard, or as a centre piece for your dining table. Ideal for holding bundles of your favourite blooms and leafy bouquets, the Long Vase will be sure to make an impact with or without foliage.

Slipcast in Parian porcelain, the Long Vase is glazed inside and left matte and unglazed outside to celebrate the material qualities of the clay, which is marble smooth and delicately translucent. Each piece is polished by hand to create objects with a silky smooth finish which are a joy to hold and interact with. 

From start to finish, every piece is handmade by Steph in her Dundee studio and individually illustrated, meaning no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. Each piece is imperfectly unique, with subtle differences worth celebrating. 

Urban Market Trader: Steph Liddle

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Long Vase - Grid.jpg
Long Vase - Dash.jpg

Additional Info

Material: Parian porcelain
Finish: Matte outside, glossy inside
Size: 21.5cm x 9cm (ø)