Sweet Cupkate's cupcakes


Choose from all of these delicious flavours...

Reese's Pieces Cupcake - A chocolate cupcake filled with a peanut butter crumb and topped with indulgent peanut butter, buttercream and a peanut butter cup. A peanut butter dream.

Cookie Dough - A light vanilla cupcake, stuffed with raw cookie dough (no egg), topped with smooth silky vanilla buttercream, chocolate chips and a cookie.

Salted Caramel - A light vanilla sponge filled with home made salted caramel. Topped with my silky vanilla buttercream and some home made salted caramel fudge.

Cookies 'n' Cream - A chocolate cupcake with a little cookie surprise at the bottom. Topped with my oreo buttercream and a little cookies and cream kiss.

Caramel Wafer -  A chocolate cupcake with caramel wafer baked in. Topped with an indulgent chocolate frosting and a little extra wafer for good measure.

* Gluten free options available for all of these flavours

2 cupcakes - £4
4 cupcakes - £8
6 cupcakes -£10
12 cupcakes - £20

Urban Market Trader: Sweet CupKates Bakery

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