Wave Bangle

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Let’s welcome the wave range! Every bangle has its own unique story and inspiration and let’s not forget are all 100% completely handmade! The wave bangle was created using eco resin as a base for its chunky, geometric shape following that, recycled materials were introduced into the base carefully so as to create the ‘wave’ effect. They’re perfect for any wardrobe and occasion whether it is a day at the beach or day at the office. Your 4 colours include: Green wave, inspired by green grass that covers our beautiful Scottish Landscape, Blue Wave created for any beach girl at heart, Black wave inspired by the Icelandic Black beaches and finally, Metallic Wave Inspired by steampunk fashion and the Victorian era’s romanticism. RedApple has the ability to encapsulate nature as well as past fashion eras such as the art deco movement and SteamPunk fashion with each limited edition handmade piece. Feel Unique with RedApple!

Urban Market Trader: Red Apple

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